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Alliance P.1 (Ruffy-Baumann RAB.15)

Страна: Великобритания

Год: 1917

Allen - Flying Bicycle - 1908 - Великобритания<– –>Alliance - P.2 Seabird - 1919 - Великобритания

A.Jackson British Civil Aircraft since 1919 vol.1 (Putnam)


  Two-seat training biplane of wood and fabric construction built at Hendon 1918 as the Ruffy-Baumann R.A.B. 15, powered by one 80-h.p. Renault. After the removal of the undercarriage skids and the fitting of a horn-balanced rudder it was renamed the Alliance P.1, following the absorption of the Ruflfy, Arnell and Baumann Aviation Company into the Alliance Aeroplane Co. Ltd. One aircraft only: K-159/G-EAGK, c/n P. 1, registered 9.7.19, scrapped 11.20.

A.Jackson - British Civil Aircraft since 1919 vol.1 /Putnam/
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