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Hoffar H 1

Страна: Канада

Год: 1917

Hamilton - biplane - 1916 - Канада<– –>McCurdy, Baldwin - Baddeck No.2 - 1909 - Канада

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The Hoffar brothers, Jimmie and Harry became interested in aviation in about 1915 and by the early summer of 1917 the H 1 was completed. Jimmie then spent several weeks teaching himself to fly and by July 10 was confident enough to take a reporter from the Vancouver Daily Province on a flight over Vancouver. The accident occurred several weeks later.
  This machine, the only one of its type, made a number of flights before hitting a submerged log while taxiing and sinking. Though later recovered, the damage from the collision and the sinking was considered too great to be repaired.
  The Hoffars went on to build a flying boat, the H 2, in 1918. The only photo of the H 2 that I have seen, so far, shows it crashed after its second flight. There was another flying boat later in the 20s. The Hoffar operation then became part of the Boring Company.

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