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McCurdy, Baldwin Baddeck No.2

Страна: Канада

Год: 1909

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Журнал Flight

Flight, January 8, 1910

Flying in Canada.

  MR. MCCURDY has again commenced active practice on the "Baddeck No. 2" at Baddeck, and a few days ago flew for about eight miles at an altitude varying between 30 and 250 feet. The weather was extremely cold, and it was this which eventually caused the termination of the flight. Further experiments are to be made over the frozen lakes. Prof. Graham Bell has stated that the machine is now fitted with a motor which should enable it to be run for a whole day, and Messrs. McCurdy and Baldwin are now endeavouring to bring their flying machine to a stage at which it would be of commercial use.

Flight, March 19, 1910

Flying in Canada.

  MR. D. C. FRASER, Governor of Nova Scotia, and Major Maunsell, of the Canadian Militia, witnessed flights with the Baldwin-McCurdy biplane at Baddeck, on the 13th inst. In all, eight flights were made, the total distance covered being about 20 miles, while the average altitude was between 50 and 100 ft.

Flight, April 9, 1910


  FROM two photographs which we reproduce herewith a very good idea can be obtained of the "Baddeck No. 2" biplane, with which Messrs. Baldwin and McCurdy have been experimenting (or some time at Dr. Graham Bell's laboratory at Baddeck, Nova Scotia. It will be seen that wing tips are still used for correcting lateral stability and steering, although they are somewhat different in shape to those used on the "Silver Dart" machine, which, it will be remembered, was the forerunner of " Baddeck No. 2." They are about 5 ft. by 5 ft. in size, and hinged near their front edges, and are controlled by means of a fork fitting around the aviator's shoulders. The main planes are of 40 ft. span, and have a chord of 7 ft. at the centre, gradually diminishing to 5 ft. at the tips. Fifteen feet in advance of the leading edge is fitted the biplane elevator, the surfaces of which are 12 ft. by 28 ins., placed 30 ins. apart, and the tail, mounted 11 ft. behind the main plane, is of exactly similar size. Steering is effected on a somewhat similar system to the Curtiss machine, a fore and aft movement of the steering-wheel adjusting the elevator, while twisting the wheel operates the vertical rudder.
  A single propeller of 7 ft. 8 ins. diam. and 6 ft. pitch is fitted, and is chain-driven in the ratio of 3 to 5 from a 6-cyl. Water-cooled Kirkham motor of 40-h.p. The radiator consists of thirty flattened tubes 7 1/2 ft. long by 3 ins. wide and 3/32 in. thick, and they are curved and arranged in a similar way to the main planes, so that they are practically self-supporting when travelling through the air. The photos were taken while the machine was flying over the Bras d'Or Lake, and are reproduced from our contemporary, the Scientific American.

Журнал - Flight за 1910 г.
Two views of "Baddeck No. 2" the biplane with which Messrs. McCurdy and Baldwin have been experimenting at Baddeck, Nova Scotia.