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Hannover (Hawa) C.IV

Страна: Германия

Год: 1918

Hannover (Hawa) - CL.II/CL.III/CL.IIIa - 1917 - Германия<– –>Hannover (Hawa) - CL.V - 1918 - Германия

В.Обухович, А.Никифоров Самолеты Первой Мировой войны

В пяти экземплярах с двигателем Майбах (245 л. с.) был выпущен высотный Ганновер CL IV, отличавшийся увеличенными размерами.

O.Thetford, P.Gray German Aircraft of the First World War (Putnam)

Hannover C IV
  Completed early in 1918, the C IV was Hannover's first standard two-seater design. It utilised the 245 h.p. Maybach engine to achieve high-altitude performance, but as this aircraft was no improvement on the Rumpler, it did not go into production. Although fuselage construction was similar to that of the earlier CL series, the singular "I" style interplane and centre-section strut arrangement is of interest. Possibly two prototypes were constructed. The straight-edged patee crosses with their unusually wide outline, on the machine illustrated, were unique. Engine: 245 h.p. Maybach Mb IV. Span, 12.56 m. (41 ft. 2 1/2 in.). Length, 7.8 (25 ft. 7 1/8 in.). Area, 33.6 sq.m. (363 sq.ft.). Weights: Empty, 960 kg. (2,112 lb.). Loaded, 1,395 kg. (3,069 lb.). Speed, 160 km.hr. (100 m.p.h.) at 2,000 m. (6,560 ft.). Climb, 1,000 m. (3,280 ft.) in 4.5 min. Ceiling 9,000 m. (29,520 ft.). Duration, 3 hr. Armament, one Parabellum and one Spandau machine-gun.

Jane's All The World Aircraft 1919 /Jane's/
A Hannoversche Biplane, Type CL.IV, with curious strutting arrangement. (300 h.p. Maybach engine.)
O.Thetford, P.Gray - German Aircraft of the First World War /Putnam/
Hannover C IV